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    February 19, 2012 by .Moonehpaw

    Do you guys think we should add it here? I don't know, just sumthin' for the wiki ^^.

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  • .Moonehpaw

    sigh* So, in PCA there's been a bunch of confusion surrounding linearts.

    This is not my choice to decide, it's yours, the members of this wiki. I know you all get mad at me, the five or six of you that are here. So you can choose.

    1. Keep the linearts we have now.

    2. Use WildpathofShadowClan's linearts.

    3. Make our own.

    Comment below starting with your number, then add comments.

    The vote concludes once four votes are cast.

    EDIT: Since there's just about only two active members on this wiki, the vote has concluded. We will make our own linearts.

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