Leader: Firestar ~ ginger tom with a flame colored pelt

Deputy: Brambleclaw ~ dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather ~ gray tabby tom

Warriors: Graystripe ~ long-haired gray tom

Dustpelt ~ dark brown tabby tom

Sandstorm ~ pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Brackenfur ~ golden brown tabby tom

Sorreltail ~ tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Cloudtail ~ long-haired white tom with blue eyes

Brightheart ~ white she-cat with ginger patches

Thornclaw ~ golden brown tabby tom

Squirrelflight ~ dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Leafpool ~ light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, former medicine cat

Spiderleg ~ long-legged black tom with a brown underbelly and amber eyes

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